Back in December 2016 when we decided to travel, we knew things would be easier than we thought. We knew because for years we already imagined and dreamed about it. All we needed now is us.

After realizing ‘us’ everything fell in place. We stopped spending money on useless things, talked about our plans with our families and got their support. After this all the fun parts would begin. Spending day and night on planning routes and eventually quitting our jobs.

Slowly it was time to share our plans with our friends. First we told our closest ones and immediately received really positive response. We know that we caused some sleepless nights for some people.

We draw roads on maps, walked on them together and erased them for other ones. We got scared from time to time, jumped but never quit, never got bored and postponed.

From now on we know what we want. Taking our time to travel to as much as places as possible at our own pace.


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