Month: October 2017

Rock cave temples of Dambulla

Just 72 km from Kandy lies the city of Dambulla. Dambulla is the centre of vegetable distribution in Sri Lanka. However for foreigners it is mostly knows as the city with the famous rock cave temples. The city houses 5 temples (in one complex) all filled with frescoes and statues of the Buddha. Attractions in […]

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What to do in Kandy – Sri Lanka?

Kandy is in the middle of the Island surrounded with jungle and hills. The best way to get there from Colombo is with the train. You can also go by bus, but the train provides you a better view, especially when you are near Kandy. The people are mainly religious. You must note that entering […]

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First days in Sri Lanka

If you’re going to Sri Lanka, you’re most likely going by a plane to Colombo Bandaranaike international airport. Bandaranaike is the only international airport of Sri Lanka. Before entering the country you are given a form for foreigners in the plane, which you need to fill in and return to the immigration desk at the […]

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