Luwak coffee

Most of us, can’t imagine a world without coffee. For a good start of the day, who can refuse a freshly brewed, nice smelling coffee? Especially with the expansion of big global coffee brands, everybody can taste coffee from the other side of the world. Not to forget the smaller specialized coffee shops. Although we might not find all coffee, we surely can find a coffee that tastes good to us. 

During our time in Indonesia, there were a lot of signboards on the roads in Bali. They showed a picture of fresh coffee beans and an animal. The coffee looked like just picked, but we didn’t get the animal. It was only after some time, that we got it. The animal was the famous coffee beans eating Luwak! It takes a Luwak to produce the most expensive coffee in the world. This coffee is therefore called ‘Luwak coffee’. 


After seeing a lot of the same animal on signboards (around Ubud), we decided to try it. We stopped at one of the producers on the road. There was an Indonesian girl at standing at the door, who greeted us and started to explain the process of coffee. She gave us a tour of the garden inside. During this small tour, we fed a Luwak with coffee plants and we saw coffee beans being ground and roasted in traditional ways. We also have been shown the coffee plants before the Luwak eats them and after the Luwak eats them. It was a nice educative tour for us. 

Besides coffee, there were also tea plants in the garden. We got to try different tastes of tea and coffee in the middle of the garden (for free). Here you can also taste the Luwak coffee, but that’s for a small price. After tasting you can buy the tea and coffee if you like them. The Luwak coffee is milder than regular coffee. This is because of the fermentation within the body of the Luwak. 

The actual reason people are curious about the Luwak coffee is that the coffee is made from the poo of the Luwak. People who drink it want to know what it tastes like and people who don’t drink it, don’t like the idea of it. We think the taste is great, but not worth a big amount of money.

Then there is the view from the perspective of the animals. As all living being, it should live in its natural habitat. Although the people don’t hurt the Luwak in any way, it’s still not right for them to be caved. We heard that some animal protectors are working on this matter. But we are not sure how much the Indonesian care about it. 


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