Nature of Sri Lanka

The plane was about to land when I saw a vast canopy from my window. This island was covered in vegetation. Dark and light hues of green, trees, forests. It was an unusual sight for us. Due to the early hours of the morning, it was still misty. This thick mist and all the green was truly amazing.

The air felt different. We just arrived in Sri Lanka. The windows of the bus we took were foggy. The weather was very warm, yet it could suddenly start pouring. It was the kind of weather that turned me into mosquito food. It felt like a blanket covering you when stepping outside of a room with air-conditioning.

The environment reminded me of all the documentaries I saw earlier. Forests, thousands of species and amazing natural events. I had a lot of thoughts. I was thinking of all the benefits of this moist air. All this probably would only be possible in this climate. I thought about how the rain evaporated, how the air would get heavier and how it would lead to rain again. I thought about the snakes, frogs and other creatures living in these forests.

I felt so lucky, as somebody who spent her whole life in the city, to get the chance to be part of all this green. And it wasn’t even for a small amount of time, not a squished holiday, but for as long as I wanted. For as long as my visa allowed me to stay, that is 🙂 This thought made me happy. Maybe my mind was just slowly adapting to this new feeling of freedom.

In my ordinary life, I had all these routines. Foundation, mascara, hair, clothes appropriate for work or for any occasion. Here they all disappeared. Even if I wanted to, the humidity and weather wouldn’t allow such things 🙂 All these efforts and the mindset that comes with it, slowly became insignificant. Other things started to replace them. Naturalness, sincerity, simplicity. With people, with nature, with Alphan, with myself. I noticed that we started to adjust to new environments.



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