The biggest pyramid of the world: Cholula – Mexico

Cholula is one of the most visited archeological places of Mexico. Although there are a lot of pyramids in Mexico, the one in Cholula gets a lot of attention due to its size. The Cholula pyramid is, in fact, the biggest pyramid in the world. Yes, you read that right, the biggest pyramid is not located in Egypt. We also didn’t know that the Aztec pyramids are this size. We had the chance to see this biggest pyramid in the world during our 2 day Puebla tour.

Cholula pyramid

The actual name of the Cholula pyramid is Tlachihualtepetl (meaning “man-made mountain”). Before the Spanish, this was an important religious place. For years the pyramid was hidden from the Spanish by covering it. Today a large part of the pyramid is still covered in green, but you can see the steps and the large scale of the pyramid. Still, you can get a little disappointed when you go with the expectation that this is the biggest pyramid in the world. This is because the pyramids of Egypt look more complete.

There is a church on top of the pyramid. This church was later built by the Spanish and is still being used as of today. Its interior looks quite impressive. Because this is a religious place, there is no entrance fee. So you can enter the top of the pyramid for free.

There is a path going up to get to the church. For the top, you can get excellent pictures of Puebla and Cholula.

Can you go inside the pyramid?

Yes, there is a part inside the pyramid, open for visitors. You can walk through the labyrinth for 70 MXN. The ticket you purchase here gives you also access to the archeological area outside.

It may be a little bit hard if you are claustrophobic. You can feel trapped. The gateways are very narrow and the only daylight coming in is from the entrance and the exit. The biggest part is lightened by lamps. It is forbidden to take a video or to use a tripod by the way. But they don’t seem to care much. If you pay an additional 45 MXN, you can record freely, for your information.

Cholula city

It’s enough to spend one day in Cholula. You can visit the pyramid, the city center, important churches and enjoy a nice traditional Mexican dish after, all in one day.

It is said that there are 365 churches in Cholula. We think that all small and large religious places are included in this.

With its colorful streets and life, Cholula is a city that will give you colorful pictures. You will see a lot of the city center while visiting its churches. There are nice cafes to take a rest. We especially recommend you to go to the Zocalo de San Andres square. Here you can and everything you need. There are a lot of banks, cafes, markets.


We heard that there are buses from other cities going directly to Cholula. However we went from Puebla to Cholula, therefore we will explain the easiest way from Puebla.

When you arrive in Puebla at terminal 4 Poniente (Estrella Rosa), you should take the Agenda 4 Poniente street to the Collectivos Cholula bus station (around 1 km). Here you can take a local bus to Cholulo for 5 MXN per person. The station you will get of in Cholula is Ozolco. This is the center of Cholula. The pyramid is on walking distance.

If you prefer to go by Uber or taxi, Uber is 80 MXN and a taxi will charge you 100 MXN. You can take the same route back to Puebla city.

There is also a train station located right at the foot of the pyramid. You can take the train to Pueblo. But do note that this is a touristic train, the choice is yours.


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