Things to do in Puebla Mexico

When we mentioned to our friends that we were going to Mexico, Puebla was one of the first places they recommended to us. It’s a very colorful and charming city. Although some people go to Puebla just to see Cholula.

We did a 2-day tour. On our first day, we went to Cholula. After a visit to the pyramid and Cholula City we spent the night at Puebla and dedicated the next whole day to Puebla. It would be good to plan a full day for Puebla.

Architecture of Puebla

Puebla is a religious and traditional city. Established in 1531, Puebla is home to a lot of Catholic churches and a cathedral. The architecture belongs to the colonial times. Just like in Cholula, the buildings in Puebla are also very colorful. Especially the buildings at the historical center are very well preserved. The biggest square in the center is decorated with a cathedral and a lot of cute cafes.

Mexican cities usually have one big square (called Zocalo). Around this square, there is no doubt a cathedral, a government building, and offices.

Things to see at the historic center of Puebla

  • Catedral Basilica de Puebla (one of the tallest in Latin America)
  • Zocalo
  • Plazuela de los sapos
  • Museo Universitario Casa de los Manejos
  • Santo Domingo
  • Museo de la Revolucion Mexicana
  • Teatro Principal
  • Markets

Chiles en Nogada

When you are in Puebla there is one dis that you cannot miss. Before we went to Puebla, friends from Mexico as well as friends from out of Mexico told us to taste this dish. We were very curious and tasted it in the right place.

Because this is Mexico, of course, this dish would involve pepper. We saw a lot of Chiles en Nogada on the menus of restaurants while walking around in Puebla. But this dish has a season. The best time is between July and October. It isn’t really a cheap dish. It varies between 150 and 350 MXN. We tasted it at a mid-class restaurant for 150 MXN.

The dish is a big stuffed pepper. The stuffing contains meat and fruits and is served fried with a walnut dressing. The dish is topped off with sprinkles of pomegranate.

We liked it very much, but do think it is a bit expensive. Probably the high price is caused because it gained fame and so nobody sells it for a low price. It is worth to try though.

What else to eat?

Another dish famous in Puebla is the cemitas. Cemitas looks like a big local hamburger. The bread is almost twice the size of a normal hamburger though. You can choose between chicken and meat. Next, to this, there is silicoses of avocado, string cheese (queso Oaxaca), pepper (you can choose chipotle or jalapeno). You can add salsa to it as much as you like.

Also, there is a small pastry shop at the corner next to the cathedral, where they make great churros. You can eat churros everywhere in Mexico, but do try the churros in Puebla.

How to get there

We took the bus to Puebla from Mexico City. It is an easily accessible city, especially because it is not far from Mexico City. The E- bus company busses are very comfortable and the journey takes around 2 hours. There are a few departing points in Mexico City, you can choose the one that is the nearest to you. Another option is taking buses from the del Norte bus terminal. From here you can reach Puebla easily. The prices are between 260 and 360 MXN.


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