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We knew that we would stay for a long time in Mexico, but we didn’t expect to stay for 2 months. This city is so nice, we honestly can’t believe how quick the time past. The culture felt like our own and we felt very comfortable. We loved the food and have seen a lot of the culture in the city. With its museums, old buildings remain from the Aztec, food, and even though we find them funny sometimes, with its music, in short, we liked Mexico very much with its culture.

Is Mexico City safe?

Mexico is known as a dangerous place, but after having lived there we can tell that it definitely isn’t the case. We never felt bad or anxious. At times we did watch out but in general, we haven’t had any experience that you could call dangerous.

Our Mexican friend told us that about a decade ago, Mexico was dangerous but the government applied hard measures to deal with it, therefor Mexico is much safer these days.

If you ask us, Mexico City is just like any other big city where you just need to be careful about your stuff at busy spots. It’s not dangerous, but it is wise to pay attention to your phone in the subway. Also, you shouldn’t walk alone at the outskirts or at night. Apart from this, we can say it’s safe.

Bellas Artes building

The Bellas Artes building has become the symbol of Mexico City. There are many exhibitions and concerts held in this building. There is an entrance fee but on Sundays, you can visit it for free. The outside is just as beautiful to take pictures as the inside.

Francisco I. Madero street

There is a buzzing boulevard in the center next to the Torre Americana stretching out all the way to the Zocalo. It’s closed for cars, there are a lot of shops and restaurants on both sides. It’s nice to walk but do note that especially during the weekends, it’s very crowded.


Mexico City has a city palace and a cathedral surrounding its Zocalo square. There are different events on this square from time to time.
It very dynamic and a good place to observe the city life from here.

Templo Mayor

Right next to the Zocalo square there is an old Aztec pyramid. This is the place where the city was first built. According to a legend, the Aztec believed that they should build the city where an eagle catches a snake. Even though the place was a swamp, the city was built here because this was where the eagle caught the snake.

If you pay attention you will notice that some buildings are skewed. Because the ground is not solid enough, the buildings slightly move with the years.

By the way, there is an entrance fee at the archeological site, however, you can just walk on the outdoor track where you can see the pyramid for free.

Catedral Metropolitana

The cathedral at the Zocalo square was made by the Spanish with the stones of the pyramid.
It’s a rather big building. We think it represents the conquer of the Continent by the Spanish.

Palacio Postal

Right across the Bellas Artes, you can find the oldest post office of Mexico City. From the outside, it looks like a regular building but when you go in you will be pleasantly surprised. If you like taking pictures you should definitely visit.

Palacio de Mineria

Just next to the post office is Palacio de Mineria. This is Mexico Cities first coffee shop. When you enter you will instantly notice the nice coffee smell. It’s a nice building for taking pictures.
Especially because it’s covered with beautiful ceramic.

Gran hotel de Cuidad Mexico

Another place you see very often when you look up pictures of Mexico City is this hotel with an amazing roof.

The hotel is close to the Zocalo square. Once you enter you need to lose the security guys if you want to take pictures. The best thing to do is act like a guest, this will give you at least a few minutes. It will be worth it for sure!

Angel de la Independencia

The Angel de la Independencia is one of the statues we see the most when looking at Mexico City pictures. It’s surrounded by multinational company buildings.

The day and night pictures are equally beautiful. It’s a little off the city center but still walkable.
The golden angel is placed at one of the longest avenues of Mexico City: Reforma.

Plaza de la Republica

Close to the Angel de la Independencia is Plaza de la Republica. This memorial is made as a symbol of the Mexican independence. It is made by a French architect and has neoclassic influences.


Chapultepec is maybe one of the biggest city parks on the whole continent. As we heard, it could compete with Central Park with its size! It provides Mexico the oxygen it needs for sure. It’s a nice park to go to if you want to escape the city life and prefer long walks. There are special areas to read a book, bike roads, museums a castle and even a zoo inside.

Frida Kahlo müzesi

One of the places that you cannot miss when in Mexico City is the Frida Kahlo museum (Casa Azul). The house where Frida spent a big part of her life, is turned into a museum. You can observe the life of Frida in this museum where you also can find artwork of her husband Diego. For more about the museum click here.


The neighborhood of Coyoacan, house to the Frida Kahlo museum is a lot of fun. The boutique shops and coffee shops are different than the one in the center. It’s nice to spend some time around after visiting the Frida Kahlo museum. It’s possible to feel the mix of the old Mexican life and the modern days at the same time here.


With more modern buildings, Polanco is one of the upper-class neighborhoods. This looks more like a European country. It’s more expensive and different than the other neighborhoods.

It’s nice to visit if you have time. Especially the Soumaya museum is one of the places you should check out.

Museo Soumaya

In Mexico City’s most luxurious neighboorhood Polanco, there is a museum called Soumaya.
It gets your attention right away with its futuristic look from the outside.

You can go to the highest floor, the sixth floor of the museum by elevator and from there you can walk down with the stairs while visiting the exhibitions. The entrance to this museum is free.


UNAM stands for ‘’Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México’’. It’s far from the city center but you can easily reach it with the green metro line. What makes this place interesting is the huge mural on the library building at the campus. You probably have seen it, looking at pictures of Mexico. There are free shuttles in front of the university which can take you to the library building. Also, it’s nice to grab a coffee and relax on the grass to remind your college days.


Getting somewhere is very easy in Mexico City. You can almost reach every place by metro. At some stations, it’s possible to purchase a CDMX card to use for all public transportation. You can use it for the metro bus, tram, and all metro lines. The changeovers don’t have extra charges and you can go from one point of the city to the very end just for 5 MXN.
The busses are very comfortable and the ones going just outside the city connect with a metro line for sure. Just like every other big city, you need to pay attention during busy hours. There is an App which shows the metro map (Mexico City), it’s very handy to see all the names of the stations and the connections.


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