Do’s and don’ts in Thailand

So you’re either in a new country for vacation or on a long journey. While enjoying your stay, adjusting to your environment will make you feel more comfortable and accepted. Thai are used to foreigners, especially on the known islands in the south. Health is also an important item during your trip. It’s good to […]

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What’s in my backpack?

So you want to travel for a long time? You picked the date, you told your friends, you booked your flight and now its time to pack. Or maybe not now but tomorrow, or maybe next week, you still have some time. Ok, so eventually it’s the day before your flight and you’re stressed out […]

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How to pick the right backpack?

The first thing you should think about is, what kind of journey you will make. Of all the people reading this blog, 99% will probably go backpacking. This means you will make a journey with more than 1 destination. This can be one country or more countries. The accommodation will probably be hostels, cheap hotels […]

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Back in December 2016 when we decided to travel, we knew things would be easier than we thought. We knew because for years we already imagined and dreamed about it. All we needed now is us. After realizing ‘us’ everything fell in place. We stopped spending money on useless things, talked about our plans with […]

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