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Mexico City

We knew that we would stay for a long time in Mexico, but we didn’t expect to stay for 2 months. This city is so nice, we honestly can’t believe how quick the time past. The culture felt like our own and we felt very comfortable. We loved the food and have seen a lot […]

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Teotihuacan was the place that got us most excited in Mexico. The sun pyramid in Teotihuacan is the biggest pyramid where you can stand on the top. There are a lot of pyramids of different sizes at the archeological site where you can enjoy a nice view. The first thing that comes to mind when […]

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When we mentioned to our friends that we were going to Mexico, Puebla was one of the first places they recommended to us. It’s a very colorful and charming city. Although some people go to Puebla just to see Cholula. We did a 2-day tour. On our first day, we went to Cholula. After a […]

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The biggest pyramid of the world: Cholula – Mexico

Cholula is one of the most visited archeological places of Mexico. Although there are a lot of pyramids in Mexico, the one in Cholula gets a lot of attention due to its size. The Cholula pyramid is, in fact, the biggest pyramid in the world. Yes, you read that right, the biggest pyramid is not […]

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Frida Kahlo museum in Mexico City

Frida Kahlo is, in fact, Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderon. Frida Kahlo the Mexican artist that became an icon in the popular culture of the 20th century. Now in the 21st century, she is still popular and still an icon. Although there is critic about her style, which is considered surrealistic, she is a very […]

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Mexican food: Aztec Soup

A good friend of ours taught us an interesting and probably ancient soup. The soup is made from ordinary ingredients, but the way it is prepared gives it a great unique taste.  This is not your ordinary, fast meal soup. It takes some time, but once you’re done, you’ll be happy you prepared it because […]

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Mexican food: Guacamole sauce

During our time in Mexico, we had the chance to learn some Mexican recipes. We have to say that we love the Mexican cuisine very much!  In this post, we want to share the recipe of the delicious and easy Guacamole sauce that goes with anything really.  We often have Guacamole with Nachos (Mexican chips […]

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Arrival in Cuba: airport, currency, internet

With its colorful streets and people, Cuba, one of the Caribbean islands, gets the interest of many tourists all year long. According to the research of UNESCO, Cuba is on top of the list of most wanted countries to visit. If it’s on your list too, then have a look at our guide.  How to […]

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