Our Goal

Our main goal is to see, feel and actually be a part of as much as possible different cultures. We believe that the world has much more to offer then our currently standard lives allow us to discover.

We will try to realize this by visiting different cities where we would like to be in contact with locals in some way. This could mean, be part of social projects, meet people who are willing to show us places and their own culture, exploring nature, monuments and social meeting points at our own pace.

We believe that by sharing our experiences we will inspire other people who also want to travel and see more of the world. It would truly make us happy if we can in any way encourage others to follow their dreams as well. We are open for all kinds of support and/ or questions.

The world can be a beautiful place if you look through the right glasses. And unlike what our thoughts or society makes us believe, it is much more realizable than we think.