Bülent Üstün

We thank the smart, creative and talented, Turkish caricaturist, Bülent Üstün for our beautifully designed logo.




Life is the best when you do what you like. Of course we all have our responsibilities, however, we shouldn’t forget about our dreams. You will get the best results only when you feel that you are where you were supposed to be. Because that’s when you give that spirit in everything you do and project that character in your work. Every new idea will be genuine and complete.

And that’s exactly what Kanduras does with its unusual style and creative designs. Their t-shirts and sweatshirts are really different. There is a story behind every design. With its unbelievable imagination, Kanduras presents unique products.

The Kanduras team, that made us feel like we are friends for a long time when we first met them, is very genuine, one of us and creative.

As they say:

All Kanduras’ers; love nature and all living beings, are interested in all kinds of art, believe that everything in this universe has a spirit and respect them.

We love this philosophy!
As we found out that we have many things in common, we decided to join our paths. We know that ours will be a longlasting friendship. We thank Kanduras for their support.

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Our Istanbul and Ankara airport trips are being arranged by Sanviptransfer. We thank mr. Erkan Büyükkarakaş for this.


Bursa Chamber of Medicine

On the medical field, we are supported by the Bursa Chamber of Medicine. The Chamber will advise us on any occurring health issues.